Demitri Theodoropoulos Small Business Owner. Engineer. Activist.

My name is Demitri Theodoropoulos and I’m on a mission to get big money out of politics.

That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate this November.

Most people know me as the owner of Wonderland Records, an historic music shop that has

served the record buying public of Northern Delaware for more than 40 years. Yet my

connection to the first state goes back much further than this.

I first moved to Delaware at the age of seven and spent the duration of my childhood and

teenage years growing up here.

After receiving my BS in engineering from the University of Delaware, I was hired by ILC Dover

(International Latex Corporation), a prime contractor for NASA, responsible for designing and

upgrading space suits for our astronauts. In my 7 years working with the agency, I contributed to

the development and advancement of space travel by designing improvements to the existing

spacesuit model. I also developed some of the parts that were used on the Mars Rover in 2003.

After that , I set myself to working on an entirely different kind of mission; saving a vital piece of

Delaware history from disappearing forever. Wonderland Records is Delaware’s oldest

remaining record store. Having first opened its doors to the public in 1972, it quickly achieved

iconic status among local musicians, who sometimes went on to form successful bands after

meeting each other for the first time there.

In 2003, Wonderland was on the verge of being closed. I knew I couldn’t allow this to happen.

So, I purchased the business.

It is my experience as an engineer and as a business owner that have laid the groundwork for

my decision to run for U.S. Senate. As an engineer, I solved problems. As a business owner, I

saved a piece of history. I intend to do the same with the Senate. Specifically, I will:

1.  Solve the problem of campaign finance corruption!

2.  Salvage the power of voters to elect leaders who will actually represent them.

For a deeper look at how big money is controlling big government, and the blueprint for what we

can do to put a stop to it. Please read my mission statement and, the numerous educational

articles you will find on this site.

Thanks for stopping by!