Yes, We Really Can Fix This!

Step 1 Limit Campaign Contributions

The Short Term Solution

I will present model legislation to limit campaign contributions in any form, whether to a political candidate or party, PAC, or any other politically-interested entity, to the extent permitted by existing law. I will also work to develop a Constitutional challenge to the ruling in Citizens United, while striving to bring deeper awareness of the issue into the public spotlight.

The Long Term Solution

Ultimately, there are only two viable ways to restore the integrity of campaign finance law to its pre-CItizens United status: Either, 1) The Supreme Court must reverse its decision in the aforesaid case, or 2) The Constitution must be amended so as to nullify the ruling by placing an absolute ceiling on the amount of money any group or person is legally permitted to spend on political campaigns.

A 28th Amendment

The notion that the People should call upon their vested power to amend the Constitution by popular vote is not a far-fetched dream, but an idea that is growing increasingly popular among both Houses of the Federal Congress. Having witnessed firsthand for almost a decade the deleterious effects of

Citizens United on the United States electoral process, they have come to support the creation of a 28th Amendment to define and limit the permissible size of political contributions, regardless of their source.

Please know that as your Senator I will work relentlessly from the day I take office towards the drafting, proposal and ultimate adoption of a 28th Amendment to break the special interest stranglehold over our political process and put the power back where it belongs: In your hands.

Step 2

History has taught us some surprising lessons about the U.S. Senate. It turns out that the revered governing body is quite a bit like a bed of topsoil in a common garden. It needs to be rotated and replenished regularly if one expects anything worthwhile to grow from it. But also would severely disincentivize special interest groups from spending enormous sums on political campaigns since no Senator will hold the office long enough to justify the investment.

As part of my mission to dissolve the power of special interest groups over the U.S. electoral process — especially with respect to the Senate — I will push for strict term limits to remove the power of artificial persons to place their yes-men and women in some of the highest positions of political office

in the nation whose loyalty can be duly expected over the years and decades of their tenure.

Step 3:

To Place Checks and Balances On The Power of Lobbyists

I will draft and propose legislation to limit the nearly unchecked power of special interest lobbyists in the following ways:

Prohibiting Pork Provisions: Every new law that is passed must deal exclusively with the subject matter it purports to address. Legislators will no longer be permitted to sneak unrelated provisions into new bills in order to give back to their special friends. Any such provisions that are

found to be off-point from the bill’s stated purpose will be deemed invalid and stricken from the proposal.

⁃ Enlisting Watchdogs: Lobbyists must be accompanied by at least one disinterested voting constituent, chosen at random, residing in the State represented by the Representative or Senator to whom the lobbyist wishes to appeal.

I hope you will find my position on these critical issues to be motivating and inspiring. I could truly care less about power. I’m just looking to do what we all know needs to be done. A vote for me is a vote for Us, the living, breathing People of the United States. Our forefathers made this incredible nation for Us. Let’s make sure it shall always remain ours.

Your Friend, Demitri Theodoropoulos


The good news is, it’s not too late to change things.

The bad news is, we’re running out of time.

This is why I have chosen to enter the 2018 Senatorial race, and why I make the following promise, on my sacred honor, to you the voter:

When you elect me as your Senator this November, I will work tirelessly to bring this era of popular disempowerment to a swift and decisive close in three definitive steps.